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A World You Long To See

Chapter 1/?
Pairing: N/A
Word Count: 2133
Note: Written for Les Mis Fantasy Week. I just wanted to write a thing. I didn’t know it would turn into a Thing.
Summary: Marius had always thought he was the most normal 19 year old there could be. Until he discovered a letter from his father, that he had the Sight, and that there was a whole new Other World for him to explore. AKA a modern-magic AU in which Marius totally isn’t Harry Potter. I swear. Really.

Also available on AO3.

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You’ll Have To Hear “I love you”.

Pairing: Jehan/Grantaire
Word Count: 811.
Note: dedicated to anastasiapullingteeth for being a life-ruiner. Title and “Love me less, but love me a long time” quote from the movie “Les Chansons d’Amour”.
Warning for: depression. (this is a personal interpretation of characters dealing with depression, do not take it as either an accurate description of it nor a healthy way of dealing with it. Symptoms of depression and how to help vary from people to people.)

~ Mais je crains que pour tout ça…
Tu doives entendre “Je t’aime”.
~ Les Chansons d’Amour, “J’ai Cru Entendre”.

~ But I fear that for all that…
You’ll have to hear “I love you”. ~

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Eating Fire.

Chapter 1/?
Pairing: N/A, will end up (if everything goes according to plan) as Enjolras/Grantaire.
Word Count: 2061.
Note: I wasn’t supposed to upload this one now but I haven’t been able to write anything else this week… Loads of character description in this chapter, sorry.
Summary: A group of revolutionaries, trying to unite all species and led by two dragons? This promises to be fun.

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Moonlight Sonata.

Pairing: Jehan/Grantaire.
Word Count: 1411.
Summary: Jehan dances in the moonligh. Grantaire does not want to mess this up.

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And Hope The Result’s Positive.

Pairing: Enjoltaire, unrequited Combeferre/Enjolras.
Word Count: 2263.
Note: This is a sequel to the fanfic “Add Us to the Canceled Sum" by theroadgoeson, so you should read that first. Written with permission from the author. The address is a real one, but since I had no idea where Grantaire could be living I picked a random town I stayed into during my holidays.
Summary: When he hears the gunshot, Enjolras isn’t exactly surprised.

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Unsuspecting Criminals.

Verse: There’s A World.
Pairing: possible Enjoltaire.Word Count: 1432.
Note: Prequel to Close Your Eyes.
Summary: Enjolras has something to steal, he doesn’t have time to baby-sit junkies.

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Close Your Eyes. (And The Glory Fades)

Verse: There’s A World.
Pairing: possible Enjoltaire.
Word Count: 1834.
Note: Title from the song “Ready, Aim, Fire!” by Imagine Dragons.
Summary: Enjolras and Grantaire on a spaceship, with everything going to hell.

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Amor Amor.

Verse: Cacharel.
Pairing: Jehan/Grantaire.
Word Count: 550.
Note: Inspired by this ad for the perfume “Amor Amor, Forbidden Kiss” by Cacharel. Jehan is bigender in this verse, using female pronouns in this fic. She’s also trying to get rid of a self-harm habit. There is no reference to that in this fic though. The poem she and Grantaire quote is “The feet of people walking home” by Emily Dickinson. Jehan’s cheesy poem is mine.
Summary: Hopeless Romantic, written in red ink on her skin.

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